Weird Figures: a Brief History of Puppets

Puppets are a big deal over here at Magically Real HQ.  We like them all:  marionettes, hand-puppets, finger puppets, shadow-puppets, oversize-Bunraku puppets, Sesame Street and Crank Yankers, action figures of various descriptions, sock puppets, and even hands remaking themselves in silhouette — flowing into shadow shapes on illuminated […]

Youtopia? 3 Communities

Question:  What do NOLOSE, Comic-Con, and Animal Crossing have in common? Answer:  They all propose alternative, utopian spaces where the attendee/player can develop alternate identity(ies), meet new people, and obtain a different sense of embodiment. Here’s a rundown. nolose: the revolution just got bigger BUT DON’T CALL US […]