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PRETEND PLUMBER: An Adventure (novel)

This wild and wooly comic novel follows the exploits of Sarassine Anfang, queer curious, almost 14 year old Jewish Los Angelina, who becomes so fed up with her wealthy family that she decides to run away from home and become a plumber. Crammed with kabbalah, spirits, a dysfunctional Jewish summer camp and more, Pretend Plumber careens from Hancock Park to Westwood to Simi Valley to Claremont and back again.

Blue Ink Reviews writes:  “Pretend Plumber is imaginative, thought-provoking and funny. Hammer delivers beautifully drawn characters.”

Gayle Brandeis calls the novel: “a wild, exhilarating journey through Southern California and gender and family and Jewishness and sexuality. This is a novel to kvell about.”

Click here to purchase. Also available as an e-book. 

RESCUE PLAN, a novelette 

“Gomer Faithcutt is a gentle hero and a noble survivor. He likes swimming and he likes boys and he also likes girls and he needs his father to get back to painting and he needs to stop lying about himself. Most of all, he needs to pass the test to become a junior lifeguard. In Rescue Plan, Stephanie Barbé Hammer gives us a delightful tale of friendship and strength and just a splash of magic, all bundled together with warmth and plain talk that feels exactly like wisdom.” —Ana Maria Spagna, UPLAKE

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The Puppet Turners of Narrow Interior, Urban Farmhouse Press, March 2015.

“Just down the road from John Crowley’s characters is the town of Narrow Interior, the setting for Stephanie Hammer’s fable-ous first novel. Henry, the youngest son of a hotel magnate, is sent to calm the inhabitants as the hoteliers set about to despoil this odd byway. Instead, aided by his black sheep cousin and a cast of quirky characters, including Quirk, Henry sets out to discover the hidden truth about the town.

The more he learns, the darker his mission appears, until Henry must choose if he is willing to risk all.”

Kathleen Alcalá calls this book “both fresh and redolent of ancient stories,” and observes that “the novel brings us a new voice as Hammer applies her considerable knowledge and talent to the world of fiction.”

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How Formal? Poems. Spout Hills Press, 2014.

A lyrical shopping spree through the various levels of the poetry department store. Featuring long poems, short poems, casual poems, sonnets, haiku, prose poems, indecent poems, as well as a curated selection of designer imports. With block prints by Ann Brantingham.

Sex with Buildings. Poems. Dancing Girl Press, 2012

A short, subversive collection of prose poems featuring a milkshake, a dragon, decapitated Barbies, Elvis, Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I, and at least one mention of Mel Gibson.

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