January 17th 2023 — yet another review of BETTER CALL SAUL

Hi Friends! I just published a review of the tv series BETTER CALL SAUL. While not exactly Magical Realism, the show is a weird and over the top story, which sometimes tiptoes right up to the edge of my credulity. To be honest, I had mixed feelings watching it. But sometimes, actually often, mixed feelings … Continue reading January 17th 2023 — yet another review of BETTER CALL SAUL

At home in books

Friends -- Just now I lit the Yahrzeit candle for my mother, Barbé Hammer, who died 23 years ago. Right before that, though, I read Neil Aitken's extraordinary essay on personal libraries as sites of resistance.* The book collection, he observes, can become a home for people who are transnational and interlingual and more. The … Continue reading At home in books

December weekly prompt (in honor of Bernadette Mayer)

Happy December, friends! (Photo courtesy of the New York Times) “The idea of perfection in a poem is pretty stupid. Because if nothing else is perfect, why should a poem be perfect?” https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/04/books/bernadette-mayer-dead.html Over the Thanksgiving holidays, the world lost one of the most remarkable, brilliant, and generous poets around. That person is Bernadette Mayer, … Continue reading December weekly prompt (in honor of Bernadette Mayer)

update: October 13th — When art tackles the hard stuff x 2

Friends, I share on medium a few thoughts about a recent episode from HOUSE OF DRAGONS. Even if you don't watch the show, you may find it interesting. Take a look: https://medium.com/@stephaniebarbhammer/viserys-dinner-party-e8326eeb4c98 But wait, there's more. The lovely JOURNAL OF RADICAL WONDER just republished one of my favorite magical realism stories: https://medium.com/the-journal-of-radical-wonder/the-diminution-e551c0cf49ca Tell me what … Continue reading update: October 13th — When art tackles the hard stuff x 2

Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie Hammer and I have a teaching problem

Friends of the unreal: teaching Composition is kind of impossible. And yet, I still do it. I love teaching. Especially as I grow older (and older), I find working with different kinds of people incredibly stimulating and fascinating. Since I live currently in a very rural area, and with the continuing dangers of COVID, my … Continue reading Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie Hammer and I have a teaching problem

june 26th 2022 — hold the line

Friends -- I've been silent on this latest development -- the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe -- because I feel what everyone I know is feeling: disgust, distress, fear, rage, disappointment, frustration with our entire governmental system, a feeling of being at the end of ideas and out of hope, and also a sense that this … Continue reading june 26th 2022 — hold the line

Why I write about hope

Friends -- on Medium this afternoon I wrote a short piece on this topic. I reproduce it here in its entirety. Why I write about hope what’s the alternative? My view of the world tends to be dark. Until recently I loved movies like the Terminator films, and books like Riddley Walker. I just finished watching Ozark, which, as anyone can … Continue reading Why I write about hope

Pretend Plumber post-party writing fun

And. . . it's a launch! Tonight friends and family from both coasts (and some folx from the middle) joined thee zoom-o-sphere for a book party featuring readings by incredibly talented creatives, two give aways, and.... a writing prompt. If you attended the party, you will have received your assignment . Please post your writing … Continue reading Pretend Plumber post-party writing fun