Rameau’s Nephew for president?

Listening to the news lately, I've been struck by -- who hasn't? --  the zaniness of our politics. And particularly the "who knows what he's gonna say next folks?" quality to our current president. Lindsey Graham said something that really stuck with me. Something to the effect of, "Well, I talked to this one president … Continue reading Rameau’s Nephew for president?

me and the enlightenment 1 – 11/27/16

Friends of the unreal -- Well, here we are. The unreal is upon us, and has become fact. Barring a miracle, a surprising recount, an indictment, or an unforseen force majeure, Donald Trump ascends to the presidency. Alot is being said and has been said about the Founding Fathers, our "national character," "who we are," … Continue reading me and the enlightenment 1 – 11/27/16