01/01/16 — coloring books 2015 finale

Friends -- This post ends this iteration of the coloring books project -- which was my concerted attempt to read, watch, listen to, and learn about artists and intellectuals of color and post about those artistic efforts and those cultural spaces during the year of 2015. That concerted attempt will not end, because if I've … Continue reading 01/01/16 — coloring books 2015 finale

storytime sunday 02/17/13 — why picnics like writers

Once upon a time there was a picnic.   The picnic liked reading and listening to writers read. The picnic was hungry to be consumed by words. So the picnic decided to attend the literary festival. It wanted to be with beings like it: happenings that are celebrations of sharing.  Picnic = fest = feast But … Continue reading storytime sunday 02/17/13 — why picnics like writers