Thrilling Thursday special edition — the conclusion of Grimm Brothers reboot #7


Brief Recap in bullet points:

·      #ouat 12 princes = too many.

·      queen pregnant and dad-king wants a girl so he can kill the boys (reverse Oedipal complex).

·      hires carpenter – fabricates coffins avec fancy pillows.

·      queen tells Benjamin = youngest son.

·      Benjamin and 11 bros scamper to Los Angeles Forest currently not having a fire and hid in nice chalet.


·      mom raises red flag when princess is born.

·      princess grows up.

·      notices 12 boys’ Lacoste shirts on clothesline = “what’s the dealio mom?”

·      coffins are displayed to princess = OMG!

·      princess goes and find brothers (wh

courtesy com/art/Ray-Anthony-Lewis-52-Baltimore-Ravens-19962013-by-361420329
courtesy com/art/Ray-Anthony-Lewis-52-Baltimore-Ravens-19962013-by-361420329

o previously threatened to kill all girls) and lives with them = possibly a bad idea.

·      picks flowers in garden for boys.

·      boys turned into ravens. They fly off.

notes for a happy ending:

1.     Have old lady give princess impossible task = not speak for 7 years

2.     princess says OK, goes and sits in tree and starts spinning something = “Me Jane, come get me Tarzan!” = exotic stereotype

3.     Introduce new character = King #2 goes hunting in forest > sees quiet hot chick who can make her own cloth! = “I’m gonna marry this one!”

4.     Change of scene (enough of that LA forest!). K2 brings silent wife back to castle = mother in law suspicious = “Why don’t that bitch ever talk?”

5.     Compress multiple accusations by MIL of DIL. Have culmination be= “Why don’t she laugh even? – what’s her story?”

6.     King #2 (son) says – “you’re right Mom, let’s burn her” = thanks a lot.

7.     Quickly build tension = Princess clothes on fire = she’s gonna die people.


8.     Introduce last minute rescue:  ravens touch down, turn into guys, put out fire, and explain very quickly to king what happened.

9 courtesy

9.     Take it out on older woman: MIL put in barrel with boiling oil and venomous snakes = nice touch to have the snakes in there too.


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