Heteronyms unite! A review of Mania Klepto by an unreal person

Fernando Pessoa, an obscure but beloved poet and intellectual from turn of the century Lisbon, created 72 alternate personalities who wrote and created complex work, had complicated lives, and who were — of course — geniuses.

The “heteronym” Pessoa explained, was not to be confused with a “pseudonym”.  While a pseudonym represented simply an alternate name for the same person, the heteronym was a separate personality complete with his or her own history, encased within the biological entity of the real person, but was not in any way connected to him.

In other words, he or she had their own life.

So, who better to review Carolyne Wright’s new poetry collection MANIA KLEPTO  — a poetic work featuring and ostensibly penned by the heteronymic EULENE — than a heteronym?

Herewith Mitzi Notnagel, Chaoskontrolagentin, and poetry lover with her high-heeled take on this real poetic opus.

Mania Klepto: Mitzi Notnagel reviews a poetic emergency from Stephanie Barbe Hammer on Vimeo.

AND — this just in. Carolyne Wright, real geniuss-poet, narrates the annunciation and genesis of Eulene:

Carolyne Wright births Eulene – Mobile from Stephanie Barbe Hammer on Vimeo.