Day #6 — NaPoWriMo: Write about an animal/ Magically Real salutes Waldi Marcel

Sometimes the real, in itself, is magical.  We salute M. Waldi Marcel, gentil homme dachsund in the following little poem.

Waldi Marcel

Daschunds are hunters of the

Small. They like to root around

And crawl and climb and swim

And bark. They think they are

Great Danes.

But Waldi Marcel is a chocolate

Longhaired aristocrat. He

Has acupuncture, and is

Fond of cats.  The whole house

Is his fainting couch. He takes

Anti-depressants because being

THIS sensitive is hard work.  He

Is therefore – you can see this metaphor coming —

A sort of dachshund Hamlet.

(he sleeps and always dreams –

legs kicking, tail thumping;

no perchance about it).

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