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Manic Monday — Magically Real congratulates Stacey Levine, Washington State 2012 Book Awards Finalist

Dear Friends of the unreal:

While we organize story collections and prepare manuscripts, here’s another “plug” for a writer who is strange, brilliant, disturbing, and overall glorious.

Stacey Levine published her Kafka-goes-to-Seattle-and-has-lunch-with-Barthelme-theBrothersGrimm-and-ElfriedeJelinek with Starcherone in 2011.  The name of the collection is The Girl with Brown Fur.

Read it.

There have been alot of reviews of the collection, (including mine for the Los Angeles Review).  When work is really good, reviewers can’t successfully explain why.  We have tried, but you just have to experience Stacey Levine for yourself.

That said, here’s a checklist to help you figure out if the book is for you.

Like fairy-tales?  Check.

Like strange stories about women?  Check.

Like your fiction dark, but not too dark, and sort of funny?  Check.

Like work that has hidden moments of unexpected joy?  Check.

I’ve looked around the internet for some Stacey Levine free stories, and can’t find any.  So you’ll have to pay up or borrow the book.
It’s worth it.

No wonder this book was a finalist for this year’s Washington State Book Awards.

Masel Tov, Ms. Levine.

Keep ’em coming.

Love — The Management at Magically Real.

Buy the book here.

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