Storytime Sunday, 12/09/12. What Clara wants.

as promised…. silly, and a bit suggestive.  for children over the age of 12.

Clara would like to make love to the Nutcracker. Or marry him. Whichever comes first, and whatever that means.  I think that’s obvious, but what is perhaps less obvious (although Freud understood it) is that the Mouse King has his good points too.  The story and the ballet are about desire — desire and fear — but mostly desire for a world beyond this one, where pleasure is not hot or even tepid, but frosty, tasty, sweet in that shivery way that the surprising-almost-frightening is.  Funny how an alcoholic German would understand that:  what women want, what girls dream of under the evergreens and beneath the gaze of parents whose guests sip uncomprehending punch and other sorts of unimaginatively flavored wines.


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