magic things: a round up. Sunday, June 23rd 2013

dear friends —


the world is a weird, wacky, sometimes horrible, but also sometimes wondrous place.

Take wood for example.  Yew, KNP UseA tree falls down, but then it turns out to be a rare and valuable tree, called a yew. A yew is both flexible and super-strong and you can make amazing archery bows out of it, as well as incredibly beautiful furniture. There are people in the world who know all about wood: how to mill it, season it, and then make it into art. Into doors and tables, and sculpture (see below).



Or, a cath lab, where using tiny syringes and teensy-weensy tubes as well as big computers, docs can insert little machines into your heart arteries rather than opening up your whole body. And then you live rather than die.


Or zentangles. Invented by artists, the zentangle is a drawing-as-meditation practice where non-artists like yours truly can do purposive doodling, clear our minds, of judgment, and — well, just play.

zentangle made by me
zentangle made by me

From the natural, to the artificial, to the artistic, there’s alot of magic circulating.

Hope you see some magic things, and better yet, enjoy some this week.

Visit Bruce Schwager’s and Christy Schwager’s websites to glimpse some of their amazing woodwork.

courtesy bruce and steve schwager
courtesy bruce and steve schwager
courtesy Christy Schwager
courtesy Christy Schwager

To learn more about zentangles, click here.

To learn more about cath labs, click here.


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