Manic Mitwoch with Mitzi Notnagel, Simone Baumbaumziegfieldstravinskyshalom (neé) Stein und me

Dear friends of the unreal —

I have been playing around with Pessoa‘s concept of the heteronym for a couple of years. This summer, director/writer Grier Jewell offered to record my heteronyms in action.

The result is an amusing meditation on Rousseau, Murray Bookchin, and Chuang Tzu on the nature/culture binary.

It was also the first time either Mitzi or Simone appeared in “public.” The reactions were interesting, as the video demonstrates.

Enjoy the video and feel free to check out other selections from the Mitzi Notnagel corpus.

For more about Jean Jacques Rousseau, look here and here.

For more about Murray Bookchin, look here and here.

For more about Chuang Tzu, look here and here.

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