pardon our dust while we make closure

dear magically real friends —

There’s alot of verbiage circulating out there about “making closure.” What doesn’t get said or written about is how time-comsuming making closure actually is. So…. this blog will be on hiatus for the next 5 weeks, as that packing of up boxes and the clearing of spaces — actual, virtual, physical, spiritual, and artistical — happen.

Clearing the space is alot of work. clutter1But sometimes, often, that work is thrilling. In an old file cabinet at my office in the university, I actually found a break up letter from a boyfriend that I’d kept for — no kidding — 39 years. It felt mighty fine to throw that letter away with all the Starbucks cups left outside the Language Placement Exam classroom.  The letter was in French too — so — appropriate, n’est-ce pas?

Wishing everyone a vibrant fall. And happy clearing of spaces in order that you can be, do, imagine, write, act, proclaim, activate, help, empower, transform in the ways that mean something to you.


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