Inlandia Thanksgiving Ashberrian Haiku Invitational — a special Magically Real extravaganza

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If you attended the wonderful Inlandia Book Fair held this past Saturday at the Barnes and Noble, Riverside, you will remember that I invited participants and guests to try their hands at the Ashberrian (or is it Ashberryian?) haiku: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables in each line of your poem. Make as many lines as you want for your Thanksgiving oeuvre.

Here’s an example of this sort of poetic line:

Thanksgiving turkey? Yes, it can be fabulous — if I don’t cook it.

Please keep your poems free of extremely dirty words, and of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, classism, ageism and the like.

Put them in a comment, and I’ll post — subject to moderation.

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS — please support Inlandia by buying books at Barnes and Noble and using the special INLANDIA code: 11484482 — good through 11/28!





4 thoughts on “Inlandia Thanksgiving Ashberrian Haiku Invitational — a special Magically Real extravaganza

  1. For ten miles, rainbows
    illuminate the freeway.
    So, “Are we there yet?”

    At the exit, we round
    the curve. More rainbows light up
    the sky, framing hills.

    We are almost home.
    We pass scaffolding, turn left
    then right and again.

    Happy, Happy, Day.
    Thanks for the persimmon. Please
    pass the pumpkin pie.

    1. Thanks Carol! You’ve reverted to the traditional format, which is cool. But how about this: For ten miles rainbows illuminate the freeway. So are there yet?” as one line? Then you do the rest the same way. Try it, and see what you think!

  2. Stephanie – here you go! 🙂

    Thanksgiving: A Guide for the Uninitiated

    When the vegan cooks, Thanksgiving looks like a feast, except — where’s the cheese?
    Vegetarian, at least you include meat, but — what’s a Tofurky?
    Turkey on the plate? The pescatarian frowns, stuffs his face with hake.
    But giblets even — for the pollotarian — are delicious eats.
    Flexitarian, okay, I get it, you eat meat, but…. not TODAY?
    No worries though if you cook for the omnivore who adores it all!

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