Tiny Writers’ Conference, Week 1

Tiny Writing Conference advice from Kelly Davio part 1!

Kelly Davio

Last week, I was reflecting on the various writers’ conferences I’ve presented at over this past year or two, and was thinking about just what it is that writers want to learn when they travel to these kinds of events. When I think about the questions writers ask me, whether in formal Q&A sessions or even in the hall after a class, I realize that there are a handful of themes I hear over and over again.

I decided that, if NPR can have a Tiny Desk Concert (What? You don’t know about Tiny Desk Concerts? Please watch this fabulous set with the Pixies immediately so that you may join the civilized world), I could throw my own Tiny Writers’ Conference, answering one of these greatest-hits questions here on my blog during each week of December.

To kick off the month, I’m going to start with a question I…

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