june 21st, 2015 — do something

Friends — this year, I have devoted my blog to writing about artists and writers of color.

But that’s not enough is it?

The terrorist attack on Mother Emanuel Church on Wednesday June 17th 2015 forces any white person of conscience to consider the part they play in a system of oppression and annihilation that is so wide-spread as to become “invisible” to those who profit from it. Which means us.

Several writers of color whom I admire have called on white people to actually DO something rather than wring their hands.

Here is the link to AWARE-LA.

Here is the link to CARW, Seattle.

Here is the link to The Fellowship for Reconciliation’s statement about the attack.

If you are a white American writer or artist reading this blog, you should join one of these organizations, and give them money.

That’s for starters. Then you need to march, phone, write, email, fax, petition, and in every possible way use your influence to change the gun laws in this country, and push HARD for greater opportunity, freedom, prosperity, and kind treatment for every non-white person you know. And every one that you don’t. Again, that too is for starters.

If you are a white writer/artist you need to actively seek out and foster artists and writers of color and actively help them. It’s not much either, really. But it’s something.

Please share the link/contact information for any organization that you belong to that addresses these concerns in the comments below.





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