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That You Were Meant For Great Things — Dream Big, Hope Bigger

My newest story — and my newest character  — appears courtesy of guest editor and incredible writer/essayist/novelist/activist Ryka Aoki and the beautiful, brave James Franco Review:


“That You Were Meant For Great Things”

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  1. “but I’m still not used to that. If I don’t go through the mail, and if I don’t throw away their stuff, they are still alive somehow.”

    That line is very poignant to me. My father still lives in a teetering Ikea shelf in my closet—all his university math books, and a strange Kurta device (mechanical calculator) that he almost fetishized about, winding it up and counting it down. So much that belonged to my father I had to put into storage, because it’s true, the objects keep such nods and pinches of pain alive each day.

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    • Thank you for commenting. Yes, objects have a magical power. This makes me think of EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED and the collector character and how he handles all the things he collects as a way to remember and manage memory. Thanks again.

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