Yes, I’ve started sending out a newsletter and you should subscribe!

Friends, is your email box full to the brim with STUFF?

Yes, mine is too. And yet, there are a few emails from strangers that I really look forward to. These are writers and thinkers that I admire like Melissa Hart (I actually know Melissa) and leftist outlier intellectual Frederik de Boer. And, I love hearing from E.Jean Caroll on substack.

The fact is, I do alot of different things: I teach, write books, write more books, write about art that I appreciate and value, and I also edit fiction over at SHARK REEF literary magazine (as well as engaging in activist activities locally and nationally), So, rather than sending out a bunch of emails or posting endlessly on facebook, I thought it would be a good idea to send out a newsletter telling people the highlights every month.

Some of you will have already received a copy of my first ever newsletter. If you would like to receive it, go to this link:

Thanks for your support and happy February!

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