Pimp another stef/ph No.1@ Storytime Sunday: Stefanie Freele’s “Sweet Venus”

Dear Magically Real Friends:

Fiction writer, Joe Ponepinto posted a powerful piece a few weeks ago about how important it was to pimp your writing buds.  So — herewith the first of a series of talented folks who are all connected somehow to the STEPHANOS etymology.

Here is a story by the amazing fabulist Stefanie Freele.  Stefanie’s new book Surrounded by Water is available here, but here’s an older sample of her meta stylings. Stefanie writes work that is magical, expressionistic, but always somehow connected to a recognizably (wonderfully weird) American sensibility.

Dig it!


courtesy http://devriesdesigndiary.blogspot.com/2011_03_01_archive.html

4 thoughts on “Pimp another stef/ph No.1@ Storytime Sunday: Stefanie Freele’s “Sweet Venus”

  1. No doubt. Freele is amazing. Her stories are everywhere and always worth reading.

    A note about the pimping: One time a week. Just do it. Soon it will move beyond the cloistered world of writers, and maybe, eventually, into the mainstream. Then “regular” people will check out the work of a deserving writer. Imagine that.

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