story time sunday meets shameless self-promotion! July 15th 2012

Dear friends of the unreal —

I am thrilled to share that I had my first book signing ever for my new chapbook Sex with Buildings that launched in May with the amazing Dancing Girl Press.

Here is a snippet from the collection….


Conceal the Evidence

My Barbies have no fingers and no hair, the first one said. I cut them off.

That’s nothing said the other. I made a voodoo doll of this boy I hated in 4th grade. But first I went to the library, I did the research and then I got two friends, and we collected the necessary materials – hair from his parka, blood from a Band-Aid, fingernail clippings I forget how, and we went into the teacher’s bathroom and stuck the doll. It didn’t work, but I remember the recipe just in case. You never know.

Don’t ever make HER mad said the first one.

I was sick said the second.

But you knew how to hide the truth, I said.

We agreed: that is what counts

(Copyright, Stephanie Barbe Hammer, 07/15/2012)

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