Versatile blogger, c’est moi … et vous et vous et vous…

With many thanks to the gloriously talented and generous Rio Liang, I joined the nominee slate for bloggerish versatility:

I, In turn, would like to sing, oh muse, the praises of the following:

1.  Joe Ponepinto, Saturday Morning Post — Joe delivers up the saturday cuppa joe (ha) about writing, publishing, and reading literature with thought and wisdom, using his posts to open up conversation among his subscribers.

2.  Larry Behrendt, Jewish- Christian Intersections.  (our first lawyer, and second boy in the lineup), uses his considerable erudition to analyze key texts and crucial ideas that have marked the troubled exchange between Judaism and Christianity.  This blog is an amazing vitamin for your brain.
3. Grier Jewell.  Fizwhizzing FlushBunker — Grier is one the smartest women I know, and one of the darkest weirdest, funniest kids writers out there.  She commentates (as they say) on all things pertaining to grossness and kidness and kidlit.  Have a snot-filled good time!

4.  Charlotte Morganti  at Morganti Writes (my second lawyer in the lineup) is a mystery writer and a no nonsense tell-it-like-it-is proponent of what it takes to make good writing.  Just don’t make that guest blogger lady who talks about grammar mad… just saying.

5.  Matt Cornell  at My Own Private Guantanamo is possibly but not certainly knowledgeable about the controversial Extreme Elvis project. A critic of pop culture, masculinity, prankster practices and more, Matt is the go to person for insightful comments on art, men, gender, and violence. A brilliant guy.

6.  Caroline Shapiro of Garbo Laughs knows so much about Classic Film that she’s been given press passes to impressive venues and has been on the radio.  Her blog Garbo Laughs focuses on many different themes in classic films, and hosts the LGBT queer blogathon every year.  Here you will find all kinds of useful (and surprising) information about movies .

7.  Tired of being clueless about food?  That’s what acclaimed fiction writer Kathleen Alcala decided in her project The Clueless Eater.  Check our her forays into the culinary territories of Bainbridge Island. She even visits a slaughterer.  Nothing is out of bounds for the quest for FOOD UNDERSTANDING.

8. Nalo Hopkinson is an award-winning sf and fantasy writer. She can cook matzoh balls without gluten, can design clothes, and is in general, a force of nature. You need to experience her blog!

And now 7 things about me:

1. I was an accomplished child accordionist and played in a 40 person all children accordion orchestra at Carnegie Recital Hall.

2.  I converted to Judaism for the food and the complaining.

3.  I took karate til 09/11 and then quit the dojo when everyone came flooding in to learn how to fight in an airplane.

4. I wrote my first poem when I was 6. It rhymed and was about the sky and clouds.

5.  I can’t cook, and can’t drive very well, but I make up for that by being very intuitive and sensitive to people’s emotional needs.

6.  I like to knit in my spare time.

7.  I love writing, but I can’t do it all the time.  I have to go and see people, and probably tell them something about literature. then drink coffee, eat a brownie, drink some wine, and do a tiny bit of slam dancing.

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(Copyright, Stephanie Barbe Hammer, July 2012)

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