story time sunday 01/13/13

Once upon a time there was a fire in a fireplace, but the man, who was a man from the city and not the country said I want that fire to be big.  So he fooled around and the fire went out. Don’t fool around, said the woman, but the man said I want a really big fire, so he added more logs. What do you think?  courtesy fire went out.  Stop fooling around, said the woman, but the man said I have to fool around with fire — it is my destiny.  The next night the woman smiled at the man, as he piled log after log on top of the flames that tried hard to burn bright.  He was going to make a really big fire, because he needed to know he could.  The woman closed her eyes and thought of the hottest things she could imagine –burned waffles on the sun, and nuclear hot dogs.  And of course the fire caught this time. Look said the man, it’s really big now.  The woman smiled at the man. They watched the flames crackle late into the

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