midweek magic mayhem — what the heck’s a MOOC or sometimes reality isn’t just strange, it’s super COOL

Dear Friends — Accessing a website posted by a friend on facebook about online education at CalState I fell through the rabbit hole and ended up here (if you click on it it will get much bigger):

courtesy http://edudemic.com/2012/12/a-quick-guide-to-the-history-of-moocs/
courtesy http://edudemic.com/2012/12/a-quick-guide-to-the-history-of-moocs/:

And then I went here:

I ended up in the molecular universe of MOOCS.

In a nutshell, MOOC = Massive Open Online Courses

And now, I’m somehow taking two MOOCs. One is a Duke course called Surprise Endings, that I’m auditing and the other is a MOOC about MOOC’s. The second class is over already, but the archive is up, and I can go through all the information to learn what I can (and can’t do) with these course-event-discussion-forum-collaborative-learning-thingies that Moocs seem to be.  The first class meeting of the Duke course has just happened so we’ll see how that one goes….Oh, and the Duke course led me to the MOOCS about MOOCS course, and well — it’s kind of a wild circular networked ride…

Apparently there’s an awful lot going on with internet education above and beyond the University of Phoenix and Blackboard.

It’s kind of thrilling.

So — I just thought I’d share. I have to go read more about this stuff.  I’ll report back or see you over there in MOOCVILLEs (it’s not centralized).

Happy Midweek MOOCalizing…

love —

Magically Real Management.

PS — there’s real potential here, and there is also danger.  See Crib Chronicles for a very intelligent discussion of Foucault and MOOCs.

PPS — Patricia Morton has called my attention to a good discussion of MOOC’s and the University of California.  I’ll have more thoughts on this as I proceed along the PROCESS OF MOOC DISCOVERY.

4 thoughts on “midweek magic mayhem — what the heck’s a MOOC or sometimes reality isn’t just strange, it’s super COOL

  1. Interesting. I just heard a report on NPR that said some families are rebelling against the cost of college education by choosing not to take a second mortgage to pay for their kids’ studies. The kids are choosing smaller or community colleges, or choosing to forego college completely. Enrollment is down at many schools, although not at the elite institutions. But maybe the MOOCs and the families will send a message. Flashback: when I went to college, I paid something like $500 a semester to attend CSULB. Now it’s $2700. Okay, it was the 19th century, but still…

    1. Thanks Joe. Yes, I saw a transcript of that discussion. Lillian Behrendt has opined that while a MOOC may not be as good as a 12 person seminar, it is certainly as good as if not better than a 500 seat lecture hall where the prof drones on next to a PowerPoint. I think the potential is exciting, and will share more as I learn.

      On Thursday, January 17, 2013, Stephanie Barb Hammer @ Magically Real wrote:

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  2. thanks for the link, Stephanie. yep, i am both excited about and wary of the implications of MOOCs…and i think getting educators involved is key in shaping them. check back my way for more on that come Friday. interesting document about to be released.

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