No Kidding American genius in Mud City Journal — 08/13/15, Coloring Books project 2015

Friends — We literary folks are often awash in the many literary facebook like this page requests that come our way.

Like this page

Like this page.


Except sometimes you’re asked to like a page, and you go because you want to be a nice supportive older writer person and then you look and then you want to push the OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AMAZING I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF button.

That’s the button I wanted to push, the icon I wanted to click, the place I wanted to DIVE INTO when I opened the electronic pages of the inaugural issue of  Mud City Journal. 

There is important work in this journal which is a publication from the IAIA MFA program.

What’s the IAIA?

The Institute for American Indian Arts.

Ok, you say. But alot of people say their work is important.

(Please like this page).

But this work really IS. From the exquisite photographs to the kick-ass fiction, to the incisive nonfiction to the POETRY.

oh. my. god. the. poems.

so, do yourself a favor. Take a look at this journal.

you’re welcome.

Read Mud City Journal here.

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