My novelette RESCUE PLAN comes out February 10th!

I have a new book coming out this week!

RESCUE PLAN features a teenage cancer survivor who is struggling to sort out his sexual identity. He also sees spirits.

RESCUE PLAN takes place in Narrow Interior, the strange New England town of my debut novel THE PUPPET TURNERS.

Here are some advance reviews from two lovely authors:

Gomer Faithcutt is a gentle hero and a noble survivor. He likes swimming and he likes boys and he also likes girls and he needs his father to get back to painting and he needs to stop lying about himself. Most of all, he needs to pass the test to become a junior lifeguard. In Rescue Plan, Stephanie Barbé Hammer gives us a delightful tale of friendship and strength and just a splash of magic, all bundled together with warmth and plain talk that feels exactly like wisdom. —Ana Maria Spagna, UPLAKE

In Gomer Faithcutt, the protagonist of Rescue Plan, Stephanie Barbé Hammer has captured all the disorienting, funny, resilient, multi-faceted, wise beyond one’s years, awkward complexity of being a 15 year old in 2020. Both Gomer and the world he inhabits- the aptly named New England town of Narrow Interior- elude neat descriptions and categories: they are self-contained and expansive, conservative and cosmopolitan, populated by nice old ladies and philanthropic celebrity billionaires, and troubled by intolerant histories and uncertain futures. In a queer coming of age story that eschews so many of the tropes of the queer coming of age story, Rescue Plan shows a young man reckoning with the distance between dreams and reality, between the desire to rescue others and the necessity to put on your own life jacket first. —Christopher Records, author of Care: Stories

Here’s the trailer:

I am proud of this little book, which has been beautifully produced by the folx over at Bamboo Dart Press.

Please check it out here, and support indie presses and bookstores!

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