where did March go? answer: reading…

Dear friends of the unreal — I’ve been busily re-reading the writing of my wonderful MFA thesis director, Kathleen Alcalá. I was fortunate enough to get a review article about her published by TIKKUN Magazine and you can read that review article here: :https://www.tikkun.org/solitude-intersectionality-eco-judaism-and-community-in-the-writing-of-kathleen-alcala/

What I don’t say in the article is how influenced my first novel was by SPIRITS OF THE ORDINARY, and how much I admire both the book, and Kathleen’s ability to mentor fledgling novelists in a gentle but brilliant way. As I continue to live in a very isolated way under Covid, I really appreciate the writers who have helped me to become more skilled and more thoughtful. My friend Vivian Nyitray once quoted — I think — Confucius by observing that we are as only as good as the people we associate with make us. If that’s the case, well then, I’m particularly fortunate, because I know some of the most generous, discerning, and politically engaged writers out there.

Who inspires you? Who makes you a better writer, teacher, friend, human being?

As we enter April and National Poetry Writing Month, I hope you find inspiration and comfort from those who love you, whereever they are.

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