When I was a little girl, I went to the Museum of Modern Art and saw scary strange paintings. A huge green face looked at a creepy cow, and figures screamed breasts as they hung out of dresses.  I hid my eyes.

Then I opened them.

Who’s THAT? I said.  The Lady with the Monkey?

Frida Kahlo, said my mother, and then she smiled.  Isn’t this picture marvelously strange?

My mother was marvelously strange, as was her mother – a former ballet-dancer, sometime exotic dancer, down-on-her-luck Russian princess.

I loved and continue to love the marvelously strange women. It was that visit to MOMA with MOM that made me realize how wonderful strange women are.

As I surf the web, I see Frida and her monkey everywhere — inspiring more marvelous strangeness in women and in all artists connected to the kinky, queer, kind feminine.

Happy Birthday Frida from all of us here in Magically Real!


Love and hugs –

The Management


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